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Why is Wentworth Solutions rated at the top of Cleveland and Northern Ohio's web and mobile application development?

Because our goal is Profitable Clients through cutting edge technology.

How does Wentworth Solutions reach that goal?

Through our Quality, Service, Experience, and Pricing. Automation(streamlining), Retention(Our clients have no complaints and stay with us for years), Efficiency and Profitable processes for our clients which sets us apart from our competitors.

Our Story

Wentworth Solutions is a Northeast Ohio-based company which started in 2002. For over a decade, Wentworth has been cutting-edge in creating dozens of web-based databases and mobile applications with a core team of database administrators, software engineers, and quality assurance managers.

Born in Ohio, Sean Spittle is our President and CEO. His experience running a technology firm stretches from the perspective of multi-faceted technologies in banking, manufacturing, communications, real estate and municipality processes. His commitment is to results, with an ability to change and motivate quickly as technology and innovation occur. He also has served on Boards of Directors for non-profits and is noted for volunteerism and coaching kids’ sports teams.

Wentworth Solutions is continually creating new solutions for varied industries, with a recent emphasis on mobile applications for businesses.

"Our purpose in business is to ensure our clients' success through our efforts."

Sean Spittle