About Wentworth Inc.

About Us

Wentworth Inc. was founded in 2004 and is headquartered in Northeast Ohio. After nearly a decade of custom software and mobile application development work, we cultivated an expertise in the creation of comprehensive operational software that connects together desktop, web, and mobile components for truly seamless and paperless business operations.

In 2012 we launched CityForce as our first subscription- based SaaS (software as a service) product. Built to run municipal building and housing department operations, CityForce eliminates the manual effort associated with managing parcels, permits, inspections, and fee collections. It consists of a cloud hosted desktop administrative system, a mobile app for field inspections, and a public-facing web portal which allows contractors and homeowners to apply for permits, request inspections, pay fees, and more.

This was followed in 2014 with the release of Mobile Inspection. This cutting-edge software takes any type of paper-based inspection form and converts it into an interactive, digital inspection that is performed on a mobile app. It goes beyond the capabilities of most inspection applications by offering advanced intelligence features in the form of inspection scoring, automatic logging of issues discovered in the field, image capture with annotation abilities, and advanced analytics and KPI tracking with custom reporting and business intelligence software integrations. It is particularly well suited to jobsite and facility inspections and is a favorite amongst construction companies, contractors, and facility managers.

For the next several years we focused on refining our core products and also released add-on products intended to enhance our core products. Engage is a complaints management program that integrates perfectly with CityForce to add additional functionality. Radar is an advanced schedule management program that integrates with Adobe Workfront as well as other software programs.

2019 brought the acquisition of InspectNTrack, an established industry leading software which manages fire and life safety equipment maintenance and inspections. Originally branded as Tiscor Facility Manager, InspectNTrack patented new technology used for managing moveable equipment such as fire extinguishers. In order to build upon the previous success of the software and help it adapt to changing technology, we assembled a team of accomplished project managers and developers. We built a brand new, updated mobile application and introduced new modern scanning hardware. We continuously develop and add new features to InspectNTrack to ensure that it retains its position as an industry leader within the fire and life safety industry.

In 2020 we completed our software portfolio with the acquisition of AssetGuard Pro, a fixed asset management software application. AssetGuard Pro is widely used throughout the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia. It strikes an ideal balance between having robust features that accomplish all the needs of users but also being simple to learn and use. We are currently underway on an updated mobile application that will be released in 2022.