Server 2012 Bluetooth Mobile Development

Bluetooth Development

Implementing a radio driven setup using BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy), enabled our client to automate their setup process and allowed hardware to be controlled from the cloud, report data to the cloud and to have energy usage optimized by smart feedback.

Wentworth analyzed the control requirements and developed .Net web based code to support and control multiple printed circuit boards, built the cross-platform mobile code using Adobe Flex to communicate over BLE and developed a reporting platform driven by SQL Server 2012.

Additionally, we implemented a 3D (three dimensional) data model that greatly enhances their ability to visualize the data. It is amazing.

Service Oriented Architecture

In order to have hardware talk with the cloud, we implemented a Service Oriented Architecture. All of the communication occurs over web services or BLE services, depending up on the state. Using industry standards, we were able to complete the loop of data from the fixtures to the cloud.

SQL Server Reporting

Using raw data from the hardware, we developed reporting services that make data consumption easy and immediate. Using SQL Server allows great flexibility in managing, supporting and understanding data.