Cargo Wise EDI integration

Recently Wentworth Solutions took on a project that required EDI integration with a software called CargoWise One.

What Is EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)

EDI or Electronic Data Interchange is a data communication system that provides a set of standards for exchanging data through any electronic means. EDI can accuratly be defined as structured data transfer, by agreed message standards, from one computer system to another without human interposing.

Electronic Data Interchange has many challenges. One main challenge is the developing of a program that is entirely custom and dependent on the softwares that the EDI is integrating with.

The challenge in the development of this custom EDI software is the mapping of the data transformation from the start to the finish where it ends in a company's backend Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.

What Is CargoWise

CargoWise One is a management system software for logistics businesses.

Its purpose is to improve integration, automation and communication between logistics enterprises and their suppliers.

What Wentworth Solutions Has Done

Wentworth Solutions developed a product called ServiceCore which integrates with CargoWise to get data in and out of CargoWise and into the hands of the 3Pl with maximum reliability and a stramlined process.

Therefore, ServiceCore is an EDI integration software.

The Reason

To fully automate our client 3PL’s (third party logistics company) processes, we implemented our EDI integration software (ServiceCore).

In other words, we integrated our clients’ data such that they in turn could integrate with their own clients’ systems.

In this case, we implemented a two-way EDI integration between CargoWise and Microsoft Navision, also known as Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

What Does This Mean

Technically speaking, we implemented a service-oriented architecture (SOA) where we wrapped CargoWise eAdapter with our product, ServiceCore, which allowed us to consume Navision Services and input/output data into CargoWise using eAdapter.

The challenge with this was the mapping of CargoWise data with our 3PL’s data. CargoWise data mapping is a core step in the sending of data into CargoWise. As we have done with our clients we will be able to assist you in mapping your data to CargoWise.

In the end, this means that our 3PL client and their EDI integration, automation and communication with their clients is not just improved, but it is fully integrated and automated thus maximizing their profitability and efficiency.

What Wentworth Solutions Offers

In addition to the EDI integration and automation that we provided for our 3PL clients, we also provide CargoWise support and assistance.

Contact us so we can help with your EDI integration and automation with CargoWise.