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Surveys, Audits, and Inspections

Currently, Wentworth Solutions has produced several Inspection and Survey apps that have been proven to return on investment significantly.

There are many different names for the process which this App can streamline. A few examples would be Safety Inspections, Site Surveys, Site Safety Inspections, Plant Evaluations, Asset Audits, Construction Inspections, and Building Inspections, among others.

Over the past year, we have developed a Mobile Inspection application, which will work on any Android or Apple Smartphone or tablet. This application helps to streamline the process for the surveyor, auditor, and inspector.

We have found that many businesses still use pen and paper for their inspections and surveys. This not only can take large amounts of time, but can also be very challenging to organize and keep track of.

We have also found that many who do not use pen and paper use out dated software. Our Job Site Inpections and Surveys apps greatly increases profficiency.

Primarily, we reduce the time it takes to do your "surveys" by automatically linking the photos taken with the corresponding questionnaire and synchronizing them with the cloud-based database storage site.

Instead of having to upload and link the photos manually at a later point, our application takes care of it for you.

This portion alone has been known to save multiple hours each day.

Additionally, with the centralized location of your data, due to cloud-storage , there will be no need to search anywhere else for the data you would gather through these inspections/surveys. Centralized storage means ONE data location to search.

We take pride in simplifying your processes.

custom inspections and surveys apps

Voice to text

Use your voice to take notes


Synchronization of your data with the pictures taken


Automatically link to the corresponding address through GPS verification

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The Mobile Application will integrate seamlessly with the Web Application, to make its functionality nearly invaluable.

This integration incorporates features like:

  • Tagging data
  • Sorting data by priority
  • Assign surveys/inspections
  • Download data
  • Email notifications
  • Real-time data search functionality

All the real-time data will be accessible at any time from any place with the mobile application, a web-enabled mobile device, and a data plan (consult your provider for data plan details).

The Web Application also gives you 24/7 accessibility to the data, provided you have an internet connection wherever you are attempting access.

You can choose who can access data through Mobile and Web access. Also, with the Web-based application, there is no need to "Update" as it will be an automatic process done by our support and development team.

We offer a multitude of file types for downloaded data.

  • JPG
  • PDF
  • Excel
  • Word
  • XML
  • Zip

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Multiple devices. Streamlined inspections.

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