The Fine Print


Any alteration or deviation after requirements sign off or any deviation in scope from the items described above will be executed upon verbal consent or written order, and will become an extra charge over and above the proposal


This estimate is a good faith estimate based upon notes from our initial discussions and does not guarantee the price stated above. As requirements become more detailed, scope may increase which will cause the price to change. In other words, this is an estimate, by definition. Wentworth cannot set a fixed price as scope always changes and initial communication is never sufficiently clear. The Estimate is based upon the amount of hours it will take to accomplish the requirements described to the date of this proposal and, as such, it is a Time and Material estimate. Additional or more detailed requirements will cause the price to change

Procuring Content

We will be able to leverage the Customer in this effort for help obtaining images, testing, obtaining content and signoff. Lack of participation or availability will incur additional fees above the proposal total.


The requirements phase is estimated at three rounds of iterations only. Additional iterations will result in an extra charge over and above the proposal.


Delay in acceptance of this proposal pushes all dates back accordingly; the project cannot start until everything is signed and accepted.

User Acceptance Testing

User Acceptance Testing (UAT) is a customer responsibility. Code is only released to production based upon acceptance from the client. After 30 days in Test, the project shifts into support mode. Once code has been placed in production, the project shifts to support mode.

Older Browsers

The latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari are all supported. Older versions are not guaranteed to work as it does not conform to modern web browsing standards. A message will be provided to non-conforming web users that a browser update would help the site display correctly.


If hosting in Wentworth's environment, all releases, maintenance and fixes are incorporated into the total proposal cost above. If the application is hosted on a proprietary server, any time spent in communicating, supporting, troubleshooting and delivering the code base and database or supporting the customer's environment will be completed at our hourly support rate above and will be beyond the quoted price.

Requirements Phase

33% of the project total is due at the end of the Requirements phase regardless of if the project is cancelled or not. This is the first deliverable.

Source Code

Source code is available for an additional fee.


Wentworth leverages Adobe Flex in developing and porting mobile application code. We do this for efficiency gains that we pass on to our clients. Although we can develop anything and everything in native code (Cocoa for Apple and Java for Android), the cost of doing this far outweighs the gains of using a robust platform such as Flex which will compile to both platforms. With that being said, depending upon the latest version of the Flex API, certain functionality may not be available when we publish the code.

Mobile Data Usage and Charges

It is the client's responsibility to ensure that data usage occurs over a wi-fi network and not on their data plan. Wentworth is not responsible for any charges incurred by application usage on a client's data network.