Microsoft Access Migration to SQL Server

Microsoft Access

Many business processes start out in Microsoft Access. Why? Because it is one of the most versatile tools on the planet as it allows for workflow, development, automation, data analysis, reporting and forms development. It’s a great product except for one issue: distributing an app to multiple users anywhere at anytime. For one or two users, it cannot be beat.

The best technology for publishing the app from a Microsoft Access database is to take the forms to the web and allow anyone to securely access the necessary data via their browser or mobile device. The web (or cloud) does not require any additional software to be installed.

Microsoft SQL Server

The best replacement for the database engine: Microsoft SQL Server. SQL Server is a much more powerful database than Access and it allows a tremendous amount of concurrent users. Additionally, it is one of the leading standard Relational Database Management (RDMS) systems.

Overall, migrating from a software product that requires an installation and can only be accessed from one location is a no-brainer: take Access out of the picture so your business can grow to greater levels.

Wentworth has migrated dozens of Microsoft Access databases to the cloud. We analyze the current database and review requirements with our client. Then, we design, develop and deploy the new SQL Server based web app to the cloud.

Now, it’s available anywhere, at anytime from any device. Powerful.

Microsoft Acces Migration to SQL Server