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What does Cross Platform mean?

A cross platform app is one that works across more than one kind of device because it uses a unified codebase. An example of this would be an app that works on both an Apple device and an Android device. There are many benefits to cross platform apps but there are also disadvantages as well.

Saying it is a cross platform app is accurate but in terms of technicality, it is the development of the application that makes the app cross platform in the first place.

Why Cross Platform?

It helps to identify the purpose of a cross platform application first.

Inspection App Example

A large construction company that builds multiple commercial buildings at the same time can never be too careful when it comes to safety, compliance, quality and liability. Often times those large companies will have inspectors for their jobsites that go through and check to make sure everything is done legally, safely, and efficiently.

In this instance they come to a company like us to develop an app for them that streamlines this process and creates increased efficiency, better reliability, and a high return on investment (or ROI).

To The Point

When it comes to developing an application for more than one platform, there is no easier, quicker or more cost effective means of development other than using a cross platform framework.

Developing a mobile application that would do the job described above or really any other job needed can be done for individual platforms. But, if the business uses iOS, Android devices, and windows devices it would make far more sense to use the cross platform frameworks.

The Challenge

Building an app for just one platform is not the challenge.

The challenge comes with making that app look uniform with the device it is on while staying consistent with the design and function of the original device and its platform. This is because each platform uses a different type of coding language.

For example, Android uses a language called Java and Apple uses Objective C. These each have unique functions that do not always transfer over into the other platforms.

Generally, for most applications, there is enough functional coverage to use a standard platform. Even in the cases where gaps remain, native extensions can be created to wrap the functionality.

Frameworks use one codebase that compiles what you have written using the language made for that framework and turns it into an app that works on all platforms. Although this narrows some capabilities down, it creates consistency and often ensures reliability of the applications.

This therefore, makes the method of using a cross platform framework with one codebase, the perfect answer to a business’ needs. In the end all apps whether they be web apps, mobile apps, or both together, they are meant to be solutions. Solutions to problems in efficiency, productivity, quality and so much more. Wentworth Solutions brings to the table exactly what our name suggests… SOLUTIONS.

So if you need to find a way to do anything from manage your entire company from your laptop, desktop, tablet or phone to simply streamlining a small part of your company, than you need to contact Wentworth Solutions for the Solutions to your problems today!

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