Multiple devices. One codebase.

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Mobile Application Developers

Here at Wentworth Solutions we develop more than just mobile applications. We develop apps that increase productivity and efficiency, that work on various platforms, and that integrate flawlessly with related web applications.

Cross Platform Mobile Apps

We use an Adobe framework that allows us to publish mobile apps to any platform. This means that the apps we create use one codebase enabling a streamlined development process and overall cost reduction whether you use iOS (iPads and iPhones), Android (Nexus tablets, Galaxy tablets and Galaxy phones), or Windows.

Our mobile development company works together with you (the client) to ensure design accuracy, integration compatibility, and overall success. By using a common codebase for our mobile and web applications, we ensure the viability of your application through cost controls and easier maintenance and updates.

Mobile Application Advantages

Mobile devices (both tablets and phones) allow tremendous efficiency gains. Specifically, taking pictures, local databases, and voice dictation. For example, we developed a platform that allows for easy image capture which saves the images live time, or during a sync, to a website for later viewing. This functionality removes the hurdle of having to use a digital camera and upload the files later which, in turn, can save thousands of man hours a year.

Local databases/portability with a sync does not require an internet connection. Because of using local databases your apps portability is increased, your area of use is broadened to area where normally your application would be inaccessible, and you can control when your data is synced to your integrated web application.

mobile and web software applications

How We Make It

Wentworth Solutions strives to make your mobile development experience as smooth as butter throughout the entire Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) or, in other words, the build process.

We believe that the only way to make an effective app that meets your vision, is to make your vision and ours one. By doing this, we are able to ensure that the build process and the user experience are seamless and enjoyable.

So it all boils down to what you want out of your mobile application. If you want it, we can build it!

First we design it, obtain your approval, develop it, test it, and finally support it.

Mobile App Design

We sit down with you and a professional designer to determine overall screenflow, user experience, and user interface. The user interface includes icons, a color palette, intuitiveness, and layout. After we completely understand what you need from your mobile application we begin developing it.

Mobile App Development and Testing

With as much care and detail as we can, we develop and test your application until we know that you are satisfied. Once this is done, we provide you a beta version of your mobile app for you to use and test. As you get used to the new application, we continue working on new features that you feel would make your mobile app better.

Is That Everything?

Not at all! We continually provide updates and tech support for your application. This makes sure that the application always stays up to date with mobile application standards and with your growing company.

Multiple devices. One codebase.

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