Web Applications That Work For You

Our Specialty

At Wentworth Solutions we are a mobile and web application developing company based in Cleveland Ohio that specializes in developing custom web applications and web software with seamless workflows and endless capabilities. By bringing great quality and exceptional service our Web and Mobile applications are sure to improve your business’ competitiveness, productivity, profitability and efficiency in any field!

No matter the web browser you use, the type of web app you need, or even the look you want, Wentworth Solutions can do it for you. We also offer complete integration with third party software / web services like social networks, online data sources, SaaS (Software as a Service), APIs, and so on. Our web app solutions also provide mobile applications and mobile integration with our web apps.

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How We Do It

The Wentworth Solutions Development Team consists of highly trained professional web programmers, architects, testers, customer/tech support teams, and graphics designers. Each team works flawlessly together to bring together a web app that ensures a pleasant and enjoyable user experience for our customers.

We start by working with you as personally as possible so that we can completely understand what you are looking for in your web application. While we do this we work together to make a product sample for you that gives you a good look at what your final product will look like.

After your approval of the sample we move along with the actual development of your custom web application. This is the process where the development team takes off like a rocket and builds all your web application features like architecting your database, creating a smooth workflow, integrating mobile and web applications together and so on.

To accomplish this we use advanced programming architectures, robust frameworks and languages such as C#, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ActionScript, SQL, JavaScript, Jquery, PHP and more for our web apps.

But It's Not Over Yet!

The Next Stage Is Testing

During the testing stage our web application beta test team rigorously works through the not yet completed application in two ways.

First, they use it like they were you (the client) and they make sure everything works the way it should and make suggestions or report bugs as they go along.

Then they do what we like to call “abnormal testing” of your web application. This means that they take the newly created web application and test it in every single way possible that normally would not be done by the user. The purpose behind this makes sure that you (the user) never encounters an error.

Think about it like buying a new car that has no crash test safety ratings, has no reviews and the manufacturer has never tested its capabilities. You wouldn’t feel very safe would you? So we (the manufacturer) come in and make sure its a five star crash tested smooth riding vehicle (or in this case a web app)!

Then We Begin User Testing

This is actually half us, and half you as the User (that would be you) runs through the web application to make sure it is working the way that you need it to.

Our testers continue to work through this stage but ultimately all the bugs are fixed and that this part of the process is mostly to get the user familiar with the new application but new features can still be added at this stage as we know that you may find new thing you might need or like.

After implementing the new changes we have made from your round of testing we run them by you and begin your production use where you can now use your web application freely and happily.

During your use of our custom web applications we always provide top quality support for you and your company and are eager to help when needed. The availability of changing and adding new features to your application is always there as well.